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Happy Story of Clubfoot Twins

twin2Hasan and Hossain are twins born to Manzur Ali and Amena Begum. The parents were devastated when both the twins were born with deformed clubfeet. Manzur blamed his wife for not following religious rituals during pregnancy. Amena, accused for her sons’s deformity, cried and prayed for a miracle!

Manzur Ali is an agri-labor in Khulna division and earns hand to mouth. So, the family was not sure whether they could afford any treatment even if was available. Luckily, a local doctor referred them to Walk For Life’s clinic at Khulna Medical College Hospital. ‘There, I was told that both of my sons’ feet will be corrected; and that also for free!’ Amena happily remembers.

The twins were less than a month old when they had their first casting. Now, the initial correction is completed and they are wearing their braces. By the time they learn to walk, they would not even remember that they had deformed foot. ‘Now I know clubfoot is no one’s fault and it can be fully corrected,’ Manzur said.

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